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California SB 1836



California SB 1386 became effective in on 1st July 2003, amending civil codes 1798.29, 1798.82 and 1798.84.. It is a serious bill, with far reaching implications.


Essentially, it requires an agency, person or business that conducts business in California and owns or licenses computerized 'personal information' to disclose any breach of security (to any resident whose unencrypted data is believed to have been disclosed). 


The bill mandates various mechanisms and procedures with respect to many aspects of this scenario, subject also to other defined provisions.


Clearly this is a complex matter, requiring serious consideration and planning by all those affected. However, having stated this, the process need not be a drama in itself. As complex as it is, a toolkit has been developed to assist all those charged with the responsibility of addressing the requirements of the bill:



 SB1386 California Compliance  The SB 1386 Compliance Management Toolkit
This is a collection of four items designed specifically to help you manage SB1386 more effectively and efficiently. Part of its remit is to help you understand those requirements, but it is also intended in part to help you avoid having to 're-invent the wheel' in terms of the steps necessary to comply.


The SB1386 Compliance Toolkit includes the following:


An Introduction To SB 1386: A 150 Foil Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation introduces SB 1386 is detail. It describes the history/background and the requirements of the bill, explains who it effects and what personal information actually is, defines a security breach, and explains who must be notified and how. For further depth, it explains a range of information security issues, covering some of the most likely areas of concern. 

Sample Foils and Additional Information


A Computer Security Incident Manual/Template

This substantial MS-Word based document is designed to become your Incident Response Procedures Manual. It not only explains the steps required prior, during and after an incident, but provides detailed forms to enable you to populate the manual for your own specific needs. It is intended to help guide you through any incident, however serious.

Sample Pages


Media Handling Kit

This is a framework and manual for management of the media in the event of serious incident or crisis. This extensive 142 page MS-Word document not only explains what is needed, but offers invaluable information on how to deliver the right message. It is written in an easy to understand style, and even includes a range of worksheets and forms to work from, to enable the document to evolve into a full notification procedures manual. 

Sample Pages and Additional Information


Introductory Presentation in PDF Format

Finally, the above PowerPoint presentation is provided in standard PDF format, to enable easy transfer and distribution within your own organization.

Sample Pages 



The SB 1386 Management Toolkit is designed to serve as an essential aid to any organization seeking to address this important bill. It is intended not only to ease the path to compliance, but to deliver a much better understanding of the bill itself. 



The whole toolkit, including all the items described above, can now be downloaded and purchased for only $199, via our SB1386 Purchase Page.




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