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SB 1386 California

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California SB 1836



This extensive PowerPoint presentation introduces SB 1386 is detail. It describes the history/background and the requirements of the bill, explains who it effects and what personal information actually is, defines a security breach, and explains who must be notified and how. For further depth, it explains a range of information security issues, covering some of the most likely areas of concern. 


It includes:


SB-1386 History

SB-1386 Requirements

Who does it effect?

What is Personal Information

What is a security breach

Who and how to notify victims

IT Security Information (e-mail, encryption, firewalls)


Sample Foils:

Key sections of SB 1386 are explained:

SB1386 Presentation


Important terms are defined:

SB 1386 Presentation


An implementation process is described:

SB 1386 Compliance


Information security issues are outlined:


Security concerns are explored in depth:





The presentation contains over 250 foils, each carefully crafted to properly cover the issue under consideration.





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